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geneticgifts's Journal

Dr. Allison Cameron
18 August 1980
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My heart is missing some pieces
I need this puzzle put together again
Damaged, damaged, damaged

Dr. Allison Cameron

Cameron is an immunologist. Her most recent position was Head of the Emergency Department at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. Prior to that she was a member of Dr. Gregory House's team in the Department of Diagnostic Medicine.

I miss the job. I miss running around playing private investigator. I miss the puzzles. I don't miss you.

Before Princeton-Plainsboro she was an intern at the Mayo Clinic, having graduated near the top of her class in medical school. While in college she met and married a man dying of cancer; six months after the wedding she was a widow. Open and emotionally involved with both patients and friends almost to a fault, Cameron nonetheless is very guarded and has some issue trusting relationships.

Gorgeous women do not go to medical school. Unless they're as damaged as they are beautiful.

She pursued House for a time, believing they were two lost souls who might find solace in each other. Their flirtation survived her change in vocation (and haircolour) and she remained attached to House while in a more conventional romance with fellow former member of the Diagnostic team, Dr. Robert Chase. Cameron and Chase were married briefly but a difference in morality drove them apart and she left the marriage and the hospital.

Motives do matter. Lives can't come second.

Cameron is now in England, working in a clinic and trying to find her balance.

This is a writing and role-playing journal for the character DOCTOR ALLISON CAMERON of the ongoing television show HOUSE, MD. No profit is being made and I have no association to the show, its creators, Fox television or Jennifer Morrison. Though Cameron is no longer a regular on the series I may reference current episodes. The journal may contain spoilers and adult content.

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